Changing Investment Banking

through financial technology

Capital Markets

Making better risk-adjusted returns for clients and firms through the efficient deployment of digital technologies deserves serious consideration. Regardless of macroeconomic trends, the era of digital has arrived in capital markets, and we must all become better digital data, knowledge and process managers across the end-to-end business to maximize our overall performance and contribution.

What We Do

The Future of Investment Banking is Here!

The first capital market business that will be affected by Fintech is likely to be the bond issuance by SSA (sovereign, supranational and agency). The credit information is transparent and publicly available. Little due diligence is required.

Through our technology, we gather pricing and credit information to offer investors the required risk data to make decision on investing in bond, equity and loan. They can now invest in notional as small as USD250k. Our initiative will open up opportunities to a much bigger investors base. Issuers, on the other hand, can now pay a much lower issuance fees.